Peter Willoughby - CEO

Peter has worked in the referral marketing sector for almost two decades, starting off with the utilities sector and then diversifying into the rapidly growing nutritional market. Prior to this he was employed by Kleinwort Benson Corporate Finance specializing in the technology and IT sectors and entered the referral marketing sector in 1997. He is widely recognized in the industry for his part in the creation and implementation of a structure and marketing strategy that led to the success of one of today’s top FTSE 250 companies.

Eric Cole - Executive Chairman

Eric has been involved in the home based business and referral marketing industry at distributor and corporate level since 1993. He has consulted globally to various referral marketing companies as an expert in logistics, sales strategy, distributor compensation plan design and analysis, product distribution software, copywriting, marketing techniques and product development.

Eric is an ex British Secret Service intelligence officer and served with the Royal Air Force, GCHQ and MI5. He is also widely recognised as being instrumental in the development of strategies leading to the success of one of the best performing London Stock Exchange companies in the UK.

David Evans - Technical Operations Officer

David has 25 years experience in the high tech arena specialising in technology based projects both in the UK and internationally, of particular interest David has been developing and implementing cutting edge referral marketing IT solutions since 2006.

Having worked in senior roles within distribution, satellite and telecoms, property development and financial services, David’s knowledge and problem-solving skills afford him with an innate ability to understand and develop forward thinking solutions, which are just some of the unique qualities David brings to the team.